Pet Safety

Pet Safekeeping Program

We understand that pets are important member of your family and you may be delaying or avoiding leaving your abusive home due to fear of pets being harmed and wanting to keep them safe too.

In order to help you and your pet stay safe, Medicine Hat Women's Shelter Society and Alberta Alliance for the Safety of Animals and People (Alberta SPCA) have partnered to assist victims of family violence who are leaving abusive situations. The Pet Safekeeping Program provides short-term housing for pets belonging to individuals who are leaving an abusive situation. They will keep your pet safe and cared for while you make plans for you and your family to live somewhere safe. For further information, please contact our helpline 403- 529-1091


Safety Plan For Pets

For abusers, harming or threatening to harm a beloved pet is a way of exerting control and intimidation, trading on the victim's love for their pet and using that love as leverage to prevent an escape from an abusive and sometimes life-threatening situation.

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